A Letter for Financial Support

Friends of Students for Cunningham

We are the Friends of Students for Cunningham (FSC).  We are dancers who study Cunningham Technique at the Merce Cunningham Studio. Although the Merce Cunningham Dance Company has disbanded, we as students uphold our interest and dedication to the method of his training; it is unique, rigorous, and essential to our careers as dancers.  As we continue to learn new skills, train with renowned teachers, and find support within a community of talented artists, we look forward to a future among those who share a respect and understanding of Merce Cunningham’s work.

This letter is an appeal for support towards a scholarship fund for dancers to study the Cunningham Technique in New York City.  In April 2012, the Cunningham Studio will relocate to City Center and Dance New Amsterdam.  Daily classes will continue.  Our goal is to make it possible for dancers interested in the technique to have the opportunity train at these new locations.  With your support, dedicated students will receive funds to pay for a portion of their training, enabling them to deepen their understanding of Merce’s work and enrich their development as choreographers, teachers, and performers.  Friends of Students for Cunningham (FSC) has been granted fiscal sponsorship from New York Live Arts in order for your donation to be tax deductible.

We are the next generation of dancers to learn and grow from the technique that developed from Merce Cunningham. Your support would be invaluable to us, as it would allow us to participate in the technical training, and contribute ourselves to the community.

It is possible make online donations through the New York Live Arts website. Please visit the following two sites for more information: the directory of fiscally sponsored artists, and the direct page on how to give.

NYLA List of Sponsored Artists

Make a tax-deductible donation to Friends of Students for Cunningham

Friends of Students for Cunningham is a member artist of New York Live Arts, Inc., a non-profit tax-exempt organization.  Contributions in support of FSC’s work are greatly appreciated and may be made payable to New York Live Arts, Inc., earmarked for “the New York Live Arts member project of FSC.” A description of the work and current project activities for which such contributions will be used are available from FSC or New York Live Arts, upon request. All contributions are fully deductible to the extent allowed by law. (Note: A copy of New York Live Arts’ latest annual financial report filled with the New York State Department of State may be obtained by writing to the N.Y.S. Dept. of State, 219 West 19th Street, New York, NY 10011)


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